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Anhydrous Ammonia:

Anyhdrous ammonia is just a form of the chemical compound ammonia. Its got a smell you recognize if you have ever used it to clean your house assuming you ever cleaned a house your whole life and probably not right? Anyhow this stuff gets used on farms for fertilizer so when you think you are smelling manure you may be smelling anhydrous ammonia. It is used in the crank cooking process to dissolve the lithium in the Nazi method of making meth. It will freeze things too but usually they steal this stuff off farmers and put it into propane tanks and that will make the valve on the tank look blue so if you see that its probably some crank cook stealing ammonia off farmers. They also will put it in coolers in the liquid form and you DO NOT want this stuff touching human skin. You can literally spray it on a rat and itll freeze it solid so that gives you an idea of what it can do to a persons body.

Now even though people will say they can smell the meth on some tweeker you cant smell the meth itself you are smelling the amonia that comes out when a person sweats a bunch. Because of meth use leading to fatigue from staying up for days these people start to stink from all the sweating of their biology being speeded up. When we pee we also let out ammonia in our urine so that makes it a great ingredient for crank right??

If ammonia gets mixed with chlorine or say HYDROCHLORIC ACID then you get ammonium chloride gas which are very very poisonous. Anhydrous ammonia itself is considered toxic to humans and also a danger to the environment for those of you give a crap about that. Basically the stuff is dangerous to transport and mixed with the right stuff extreamly EXPLOSIVE so keep that in mind that this fertilizer gives you yet one more way to blow yourself to hell in the pursuit of meth!!