Woman asks if Drug addiction is worse than Obesity

Okay this was a sinceer question but still you got to read the sucker. Its long so I am sorry about that!

Date: December 28, 2008 subj: Maybe dumb question, Maybe good one....... I have been arguing with various people over this subject for years now, no one has yet to shut me up or prove me wrong, even my dad who works for the CDC's parole offices (teaching Star program that teaches parolees about their addictive behaviors) and my step-mom who is a nurse at Kaiser. So I would like to get someone else's opinion just to see if anyone understands what im saying or if anyone can prove my theory wrong. I first tried meth at 16 and liked it but didn't get hooked on it. I tried it again after having a baby (didn't breastfeed) and wanted to lose the weight cause i went from 110lbs to 198lbs and felt awful. I did it for about a year or two and got bored with it so just stopped again. Then I had another kid and worked in a nice restaurant where I felt competative with the other, younger, thinner girls. So i started using again but the guy I was with was a god guy and never touched the stuff so i couldn't do it as much as I wanted to to lose the weight so i dabbled in it secretly every so often. Well once I hit about 180-190lbs up and down, he decided that i was too old (28) and let myself go and he told me that no good man was ever going to want me because of my excess baggage (kids and weight). So after he left me for a college girl from some country bar, obviously i got depressed and figured meth was the only way that i was going to get back down to size. (i am too lazy to exercise) Well after 5 -6 months after busting my (rear) off (and tweaking) I got down to a size 12 from a 22 and started doing pictures for adult magazine/catalog fliers to throw in his face and even though it was petty and unhealthy, I actually for the first time in years felt damn good about myself, full of confidence and excitement. even if i wasn't "high" or "wired" i was still happy when i looked in the mirror. My house was always clean, no losers or tweakers were allowed to hang out, my kids were well dressed and well fed, i didn't sleep with one person for 8 whole months. The only person I was really hurting was myself.Now here's the argument................ People say how dangerous meth is and it can kill you or you can have a heart attack or stroke, blah, blah, blah. WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OBESITY CAN DO TO YOU? Being overweight puts you at risk for the same amount ( i believe more) of health issues as doing meth. Lets look at the facts: being overweight can lead to heart problems, pulmonary hypertension or edema, clogged arteries which leads to strokes or myocardial infarction, circulatory problems, artherosclerosis which is a hardening of the artery walls caused from plaque build up (cheeseburgers) and a whole other list of issues that can be looked up. The number one thing women alone are dying from right now is heart disease, usually linked to weight and crappy fattty foods. Heart disease is also known as the "Silent Killer" and its responsible for about 500,000 deaths per year and that's just counting the women alone, the amount would be more if you added all the men. So how can we really say that me losing some weight and doing some lines or two is more dangerous than a soccer mom eating double cheeseburgers and weighing 200 or more pounds? Overweight people are at a risk from dropping dead any minute, but meth is bad? Does anyone even have an actual statistic of the number of deaths caused by meth use? NOT blowing up in labs, people actually using crank with no other underlying health problems? I would like to know the number. The other brilliant comebacks I get from people are that "meth makes your skin look old or scarred from picking" well being overweight causes cellulite which makes your (rear) and thighs look dimply and just as unattractive. Or they warn you how meth can cause your teeth to rot and fall out. Well if you get diabetes from being overweight you are at risk for having your legs amputated. I'd rather my teeth fall out (which they havent yet) than lose one or two legs, who wouldnt? They say that meth use can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts or attempts. They have obviously never been an overweight single mother whose been emotionally, verbally and physically abused. I have. It was depressing and sometimes I wanted to die. The "professionals" tried to cure me by suggesting drugs??? pills?? anti-depressants that can miraculously make me happy???? And these professionals are the same as the idiots who are telling me that I dont need to rely on drugs to lose weight. But relying on drugs to make you temporarily and falsely happy is okay though? Could you please explain these peoples arguments to me? I guess the meth has really just destroyed my brain but that has to be one of the biggest hypocritical contradictions I ever heard. Send me your thoughts.


First I wanna thank you for a thoughtful letter becuz it looks to me you put your heart into that sucker no pun intendid. Now I have made a name for myself like Dr Phil by telling it straight without addatives so i am gonna do the same for you except i want to be clear i mean no disrespect when i tell you what Im gonna say. Being way overweight is bad and dangerous and doing meth is bad and dangerous for you too. Lesser of 2 evils you say? Well I say if you are obese and doing meth to lose weight you are having both evils AT ONCE! Have you looked at it that way? Sounds to me like you dont like what people are tellin you and really who would but you come up with a whole fistful of excuses and excuses are unfortunately like turds and nobody wants em not even whoever made em up. Know what I mean? I have friends with weigt problems and one in particular who was once 330 pounds but she lost 120 of those pounds so far and you want to know how she did it? No special diets and no extra exercise sshe just quit EATING SO MUCH! That is the ugly little secret for peopel when weight problems are not from thyroid or other serius medical conditions. Quit listening to people trying to sell you things like diets and special expensive food and EAT LESS. You cant get fat if you dont eat enough to have enough caleries left over to store in your body!!!! I dont like lies about meth or about ANYTHING and you are right pepel turn to meth to lose weight and dealers even tell their so called customers that crank will help you lose weight. Yeah so will just chopping the fat off with a knife! Thats a stupid idea too tho! SO heres the thing I think. You are a smart girl and you got kids and you got man troubles. No guy wants a girl with extra so called baggage like kids and xtra pounds? Well no guy worth a pigeons fart wants a girl whos using crank. SHes probably gonna wreck a lot of things and possably STEAL from you. You say you arent like that well good then dont do the same things those people do either like meth and every other stupid thing like getting a bunch of STDS. Now i doubt i am gonna shut you up or change your mind or any of that but two wrongs odnt make a right. You said you are lazy yourself and THAT is the problem. You want an easy way to get rid of problems and i have never seen anything easy ever work. EVER. If youd spend less time trying to make yourself feel better about acting in ways that get you MORE problems instead of simpuly STOP messing yourself up then youll get somewhere girl! Dont do it for anyone else do it to keep yourself from placing all your self worth on what a mirror shows you or what some fool tells you. If you can write ME a letter like this and you can think things out the way you do then its time to quit sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and being b---hy about life and start LIVING it the way you already know how to. Life is too short to make excuses for why you suck go BE SOMEBODY. Just my twelve cents

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