Easy Recipes For Making Crank Meth

Ok this is the recipes for crank meth page. Here you are gonna find all the differnt ways that i know about to make tweek and once again i do not think you should do them because its real easy to kill yourself trying to make this stuff. I have never made it myself because it is way to risky not only of getting sick from making it but because every state has all these laws against it since the 80s that will put your ass in prison for a long time. In fact most of the cooks who make meth learned about it in jail so think about that do you want to take the advise of some fool who is in jail? If hes in jail then he must not be very smart in the first place because his dumb ass got caught trying to do what he is telling you how to do. I have never ever been arrested and i dont even get speeding tickets or DWIs because i am always always careful no matter what. I can say that i have never met one cook who makes much money or has nice cars because true dealers who are rich do not mess around and get theirselves in trouble with cops.

Another thing is that peopel are lazy and do not THINK about how they go to do things BEFORE they do them. The people who started making meth back in the day and stayed careful they are rich and never get caught because they are PROFESSIONALS so they know how to do things right. Do you think those rich people are going to give away their secrets on how to make meth that makes them gobs of cash? HELL NO! Do you think that they will be happy to find some two bit idiot is trying to cut into their market by selling cheap dope to their custamers? Once again NO! So by even trying to make this stuff you are taking your lives into your own hands because people who regularly do illegal things to make money aint gonna have a problem dealing with their competition by just killing them. You have been warned so if you still want to know this is the ingredients and things that crank makers use both pro and idiots use to make meth. Educate yourself if you want but i am telling straight truth here and it is your job to be responable about how you act i will not be seen to say "hey make drugs!!" because i dont need you make them since i dont buy them or sell them or use them at all.

Here is the list of RECIPES you can click on:

The red white and blue method
Nazi Method
Be sure to read about each ingredient so you understand what they do and how they work