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Ephedrine / Pseudoephedrine:

First lets cover Ephedrine and learn what it is exactly. Of course it is a chemical substance and it is real close to amphetamines or methamphetamines all by itself. It has a long history that goes back to India and China where they used it for medicines back in the ancient times because it comes from differnt plants. The ma haung herb in China is how they got ephedrine but in India the hindu people called it soma. Today in china there is a billion dollar market for getting out the ephedra from herbs and selling them by the ton.

Ephedra is the name we will use now to keep me from having to type the big long word every single time. The chemical of ephedra works on two parts of a person their brain and their central nervous system. It messes with two main brain chemicals called neurotransmitters and those chemicals are dopamine which makes pleasure feelings and seratonin which regulates anger, mood, aggression, sex, sleep, appatite and how hot or cold you feel. Dopamine and seratonin are real important in how you feel good or bad so this ephedra ingredient is a huge part of the whole meth drug itself. That control over a persons feelings is alot of what makes it addictive because everyone wants good feelings so if you have to pay to get good feelings then whoever sells them makes a whole bunch of money from selling.

Because of how it acts on the body ephedra has been used as a stimulant because it speeds up the metabolism of people. People use it to make themselves not hungry, to make them concentrate better or to be a decongestant so they are not stuffed up. The Chinese people use it for asma and other lung sicknesses. Body builders who want bigger muscles will use ephedra when they work out because it makes their body work harder and gives them more energy. You can also find ephedra in diet pills that have caffeen and aspirin in them too. But not anymore because those were made illegel.

Back in the 90s people who did labor jobs or were atheletes and students took ephedra because it gave them energy and they could concentrate more for a longer time. Then people started noticing that taking the drug to help them ended up making them need a dependence on it. DUH! So that meant that the goverment made up more laws in 2000 to try and make people stop using ephedra even the herb version of it. They band it in 2004 but had to take that back and then instead in 2006 the goverment made a law on the Patriot Act to watch it close because they knew people used the ephedra to go into meth recipes they cook up. This made ephedra a precursor as the United Nations named it to the illegal drug meth which means basically ephedra is known as an ingredient to make crank more or less.  So now no one can buy more than 3.6 grams of it per day and no more than 9 grams a month unless you buy it through the mail and then only 7.5 grams a month per person buying it. Also here are other facts about the sale of ephedra products like allergy medicines:

-They take your name and address each time you buy ANYTHING with ephedrine in it and they keep that for 2 years this means you got to have an ID when you buy it and that is why you see so much ID theft from people who are tweeking or making the tweek and half the time they are one and the same people!

-They report any and all suspicious payments to the Attorney General of the US so that means trying to make fake payments can wind you up behind bars

-Dry forms of it are only sold in blister packs to make it harder to shoplift and everything sold is held in locked cabinets behind the counter of the pharmacy so they can control it and prevent stealing. So I guess then you oughta be a pharmacist.

These are the negative side effects of ephedra:

-In the heart there's strokes and heart attacks plus the fact that since it makes your heart beat harder your blood pressure grows up with damages the veins making them weaker
-In the skin there's sweating, blushing and pimple acne
-In the digestive system there's nausea and lack of appetite
-It causes you to pee more but can also cause your urinary system to squeeze shut and make peeing harder
-In the nervous system it can cause insomnia which is not being able to sleep, confusion, restlessness DUH, delusions and hallucinations which is seeing things that arent there, can make you paranoid and hostile
-In the lungs it can cause shortness of breath and make breathing more work
-Also headaches, shaking, getting dizzy and of course the big D which is death
-If you are diabetic it can mess with your blood sugar and of course kill you
-Can do all sorts of terrible stuff to women who are pregnant

Keep in mind that these bad side effects are not for crank as a whole but just for the ephedra that may be in the crank being used! Now lets look at Pseudoephedrine shall we?

Like Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine's considered a precursor substance by the United Nations because they know people use it to cook tweek. So that I wont have to type Pseudoephedrine over and over again we're going to call it PE from here on out. You probably already know that PE is a big part of Sudafed which is a brand name for a kind of nasal decongestant used to make colds and coughs better. As popular as it has been PE is now being replaced by another chemical that they dont use to cook meth but it is still being used as of me writing this. The Sudafed that doesnt have PE is called Sudafed PE but for that version of Sudafed the PE means phenylephrine. A lot of people complain that this Sudafed PE does not work like the old Sudafed did tho so it may not stay on the market too long because of that.

When PE is made by a big company they usually do it in China or India where it is cheaper to make tons of the stuff rather than pay American wages. You can find PE in that same ma huang plant that ephedra comes from but that is not how companies manufacture it. They use giant vats of dextrose that they ferment using a special kinda yeast and then they add in benzaldehyde.

Some people say that they use PE in some form or other to stay awake longer or have more energy but that is probably bull because its not strong like ephedra is. Since PE is similar to amphetamines which is called speed its turned into a big part of the meth making recipe. The same federal laws that apply to ephedra also apply to PE plus on top of that the big companies like Target and Walmart have even more hoops you gotta jump through if you want to buy the stuff. As if thats not even enough then you also have state laws for almost every damn state to make it harder and in Oregon you have to have a prescription to get anything with PE in it.

As of 2007 its now illegal to have PE in any form in Mexico because they made alot of rank in Mexico and that wound up in the US. Australia and England have a whole bunch of laws against PE products so basically you can pretty much kiss PE goodbye all over the world at this point.

And side effects for PE are the same as for the ephedrine so I dont want to list them twice.

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