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The name ether covers a whole bunch of different crap because its actually a group of what are called organic compounds. What the drug crowd means when they say ether is usually diethyl ether and that's something that scientists made a long time ago as a way of putting people to sleep during surgeries. You may have seen Hunter S Thompson using ether in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas too. That crazy bastard gives a look at what that whole insane high is about.

Back in the old days alot of people used diethyl ether to get high off. Before it started to be popular as an inhalant which means breathing the fumes it was popular in pills for women since back in the old days they didnt find it ladylike for women to be drinking. Breathing ether way back when they called the Yankee Dodge. Even though its flammable and not good for surgery any more because it makes you nauseous it is still used to remove ticks by some people because it relaxes the tick and it lets go of you easier. Its been used in certain cough drops too down through the years. Also coke heads use it to make freebase cocaine and that means its another precursor according to the United Nations.

People working with diethyl ether need to be awful careful because it can easily become explosive and is very very flammable. In fact you dont even have to use fire or a spark because a surface thats hot enough will cause it to ignite itself and thereby blow you to hell real quick.

Ethers a solvent and its used as part of the crank cooking process. Different people use different things but they can and have used Toluene, Xylene, Naphtha, Hexane, Petroleum Ether or Diethyl Ether. Since there are all these different kinds of ether I'm going to cover each one and give you an idea of what they do both good and bad. Lets start with Xylene since alot of meth makers say they prefer that over the other kinds.

Xylene is a liquid that smells kinda sweet and just like other ethers is a solvent. People do inhale this crap to get high but you dont want to go smoking a cigarette around it because Xylene is very flammable also. They use Xylene in printing and making rubber and leather. Its put into gasoline and jet fuel. Pesticides and paint thinners have it in them and they use it in the process of making computer chips.

Now comes the bad news. This stuff can get into the soil and water from leaking underground tanks and when it does that it can contaminate humans which leads to birth defects for babies if they get Xylene in high enough amounts through their mother. Even in low concentrations it can cause all kinds of problems for an adult like headaches, dizziness, confusion and feeling like you cant keep your balance. If you actually are dumb enough to sit there breathing this crap on purpose then your risking brain damage on top of irritation to you whole breathing system and eventual total lung damage. Then theres the liver damage, kidney failure and of course massive stomach problems on top of the fact that your now more stupid than your average fence post.

Next we got Toluene thats of course a solvent that smells like paint thinner with that sweet kind of smell that comes from the benzene in it. They first discovered this stuff in a south american tree but now they get it out of crude oil when they make gasoline. In the 80s they used this stuff as a octane booster for Formula One race cars. Not only do they use it in disinfectents, printing, rubber, glue and laquer it also goes in to TNT which in case you havent seen any cartoons your whole life thats another word for dynomite. Crazy thing is they use toulene in blood experiments cause of its properties it can break open red blood cells so of course thats not gonna be good inside a persons body. Even tho people huff this stuff the thing is you cant pass it out in urine or sweat so its gotta sit in the body until it metabolizes which means its gonna mess up your cells.

Then comes Naptha and its another petro chemical which means it has to do with gasoline and oil. They use it for all kinds of industrial stuff like to make fuel have higher octane and gas for cooking stuff that inst meth. Theres different kinds of naptha and theyre all not only poisonous but easy to blow the hell up too. Its in cleaners, torches for fuel, shoe polish, zippo lighters and of course the big one camp fuel. Thats generally what these meth cooks use and people who make dope out of cough syrup also use that. It'll make you dizzy and nauseated like most things people huff and it affects the central nervous system, liver, kidneys, eyes, lungs and skin. Naptha alone is a carcinogen which means it causes cancer in lab rats and the thing is its usually got other chemicals in with it because they dont really sell the stuff pure so your bound to get other nasty side affects right along with it FOR FREE!

Lastly we got hexane which they get from refining crude oil too. Its used for shoe glue and restoring old furinture so you guessed it people huff this crap too. While its not so volatile to blow up as the other ethers it does a whole lot of body damage if you go around breathing in. Theres the high but then nausea and headaches followed by a break down of the nerves and for people breathing this crap for a long time their muscles start to atrophy which means the muscle dies off and you cant move it very well. Starts with tingling and cramps then you basically go to hell in a handbasket courtasy of your good pal Hexane.

There you go thats what the ethers are and how they're used in the process is to get the red color off the Sudafed pills and break it down so the meth cooks got pure ephedrine/pseudo ephedrine. And yes they use this stuff to cut other drugs into freebase which means what they are doing is making them more pure than what the dealers gonna sell them as so he can make more money DUH. That means freebase cocaine and crack are the same damn thing with the same damn high so smoking crack is no differnt from smoking freebase cocaine but it IS differnt from smoking crank. Then again when you make any drug more pure you get a stronger high but that means its also affecting your body more strong so you can overdose alot quicker. No dealer wants his clients to OD because thats gonna cut into the gravy train of money hes got going on so thats why they mix in extra crap with drugs. Its all just business baby!

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