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Hydrochloric Acid:

Hydrochloric acid isn't too difficult to understand because all it is is hydrogen and chlorine put together and it makes an acid. Not acid the drug thats a whole other thing im not going to get into here. It was discovered a long time ago by a muslim guy named Jabir Hayyan or some crazy thing and hes called the father of chemistry because this acid and his other discoveries were a big deal to ancient scientists. Its also sometimes called muriatic acid but thats the same thing.

Now heres the thing we actually have this acid in our stomachs that helps us digesting food which is why it burns your throat and nose when you puke because thats the acid thats in your stomach. Thats also why people with bulemia have bad teeth from puking up what they eat all the time its a very strong acid. Because of the fact that this acid is used to make not juts meth but coke and heroin too its another one called a precursor by the United Nations which means your in trouble for having it even if you arent in America.

Now Hydrochloric acid is used in a whole bunch of things from our food and water to swimming pools and sewer systems plus removing rust from steel, paper, leather, steel, oil production, cleaning products and the construction business. Not only that but they also used it in a chemical weapon you might have heard about called MUSTARD GAS. It attacks the hell out of human lungs and dissolves flesh when you get right down to it.

If you mix this stuff with bleach you get a deadly little gas known as chlorine gas. I know a guy who worked in some industry or other where a explosion started a chlorine gas leak and he had to rescue some people who got knocked out. Dude lived for two decades choking to death on a oxygen tank and all that before he died. Nasty way to go if you ask me. Of course hydrochloric acid is also very bad if you get it on your skin itll burn holes into you and if you breathe it your nuking your lungs.

That covers yet another crushal ingredient in the meth cooking recipe and once again its dangerous stuff by itself that theyre using to make a drug you end up putting INSIDE your body so now you atleast know what this stuff does.

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