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Iodine does not exist by itself in nature it is all ways attached to other chemical elements. That means you're not going to find it you have to make it by breaking it off from other chemicals. It does exist in seawater and also in every animal on earth but only in tiny amounts and is actually required in living things.

Some French guy discovered iodine because his family made saltpeter for gunpowder and to do that they had to take seaweed and burn it. Then the left over crap got acid poured on it to destroy it but this guy used too much acid one time and a cloud of purple smoke came up and then formed crystal once it got cooled down. That is because idoine is purple in color not blue like the name of the crank recipe. They just call it blue because it red white and blue makes for a better name than red white and purple.

Your body actually needs a certain amount of iodine to be healthy so if you dont eat seafoods they say you have to add it to the diet. Without the iodine in your food you can get side affects like fatige, weight gain, depression and your mind will slow down. If pregnant women dont get enough of it the kids can be born retarded too which is why they put it into table salt.

Also the thyroid uses iodine but radioactive iodine is bad. DUH! In places where theres nuclear facilities they sometimes give out iodine pills and they do this during nuclear disasters also. The radioactive iodine in real tiny amounts is used in medical fields where they use it to trace things happening inside a human body like how the kidneys are working. The element iodine by itself is fatal to all living things including humans and the fatal dose for a human is 2 or 3 grams. For stable iodine if it touches your skin you get lesions which are bad sores and it can also destroy your eyes. Even better if iodine is mixed with ammonia it becomes unstable and can BLOW UP big time!

Other than meth cooking iodine is used in pharmaceutical drugs which means real medicine, antiseptics for killing germs, color dyes, halogen lights and lightbulbs, purifying water, xrays and photography processes.

Of course, the DEA or Drug Enforcement Agency which deals with drugs in the US knows that iodine goes into methamphetamines so they investigate anyone who buys alot of iodine in any form including iodoform, ethyl iodide, ionic iodides or anything else with iodine. So that's one way to get your ass in a sling but they also can give you a fine or even prison if they catch you selling iodine without paying attention to who is buying it because that is pretty much helping the cook make the crank in their eyes.

Ususally people buying iodine say that they need it for their horse because thats supposed to be a believble excuse. You will want to wear a cowboy hat and jeans to make it more believable and remember this: COWBOYS DONT WEAR PUMAS!

Pay especial attention to the fact that I told you iodine in mass quantity is a DEADLY POISON to human beings and that they use it to make meth. Got it? Good.

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