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Lithium is a metal and its used in a whole bunch of things from explosives to batteries but most crank makers get their lithium out of batteries. Since its a corrosive metal that means you dont want it touching your skin because it will burn you. Thats why if you ever opened a battery you may have got burned pretty bad. You do not want to breathe lithium because it can mess up your airways and also build up in the lungs. Its not a stable chemical and if its exposed to the moisture in the air itll start messing up. While its not typical they can explode. Basically they use this stuff along with the anyhdrous ammonia to cause a chemical reaction reduces the ephedrine and pseudoephedrine into methamphetamine.

Not a lot to say about lithium except that in some places the sale of lithium batteries is getting limited to try and stop crank cooks. Probably dont want to be seen buying up a ton of lithium batteries unless you got a hat with a propellar on it and are a real nerd!