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Red Phosphorous:

Phosphorous comes from a Greek name for the "morning star" because white phosphorous glows like Venus up in the sky. You never find phosphorous red or white all by itself in nature because they get it out of rocks. White phosphorous glows when it gets hit by oxygen and that's where the Greek name comes from. Phosphorous can also be red or white or black but those are all different kinds.

We're going to cover both red and white phosphorous here and I'll say PS when I mean phosphorous of both kinds or RP for red phosphorous or WP for white phosphorous when I mean only one or the other. You can get RP in two ways by heating WP to 482 degrees or by just letting sunlight hit it. You probably already understand that the main thing about PS is that it glows. Since we get PS from different rocks around the world that means that we will eventually run out of it and depending who you ask that will happen in 300 years or as soon as 50 years from this year which is 2008. This is too bad because they use PS in fertilizers since plants need it to grow the right way.

You can find PS in the human body and thats mainly in our bones and teeth but it also is in our DNA and helps cells to work right. We pass PS from our bodies whenever we pee. If we dont get enough of PS then it messes with our blood, muscles and nervous systems. In fact bad diets or not eating enough in general will lead to not having enough PS. Thats pretty ironic because if you think about it that is what happens to people tweeking they eat bad food or no food at all and their bones and teeth go bad. Yet the meth itself was made using PS!!! Chemistry is a bitch I guess huh?

The German guy who discovered PS found it in and your gonna love this IN HIS URINE! Yep and he noticed that it glowed so of course thered be a ton of uses for stuff that glows. Back in the old days they used WP for matches but there were problems with it. Because WP is real toxic it lead to a whole lot of poisoning on top of suicides and even murder as people went crazy. Theres even a story about a woman trying to use WP to poison her husband but he caught her because the soup she made glowed! Then they figured out that WP was just too toxic to make matches out of because it gave people a condition that rotted their jaw bones because they spent so much time breathing the fumes in the factory. Thats what lead to the switchover to RP for matches and today that is where most meth cooks get the RP they use when they make tweek. You dont get it from the head of the match like so many idiots seem to think you get it from the striking pad where you rub the match to light it! In order to get enough of the stuff they go through a whole lot of match books too.

Another big use for PS came around once countries got industrialized. They started using PS in smoke screens and incindiary weapons which are weapons that cause fires. Not only did they use PS to make tracer bullets which are bullets you can see so you know what your shooting at but they used it to make things that would burn longer. In World War 2 while Germany was banging the hell out of England the Brits used molotov cocktails with PS and benzene in them against the Nazis. The reason being that burning PS is hard as hell to put out once it starts burning and it can cause terrible burns if it touches human skin so painful in fact that people who got it splashed on themselves have been known to commit suicide because it hurts so bad. Just another common ingredient in your average meth lab that they use to cook the crank with.

You might want to know that even though RP is not as dangerous as WP it can turn into WP under different conditions. Its still incredibly poisonous because PS on the whole is one of the most toxic substinces on the planet. If you eat PS you can also end up with whats called Smoking Stool Syndrome and you dont even want to know what all goes along with THAT crazyness. The military uses PS in all sorts of ways from making a lethal nerve gas to making NAPALM. When you get WP on you they say that burn ointments can make it WORSE and even cause the WP to go into your blood stream and poison you fatally. So just in case certain losers are not totally CRYSTAL clear on this one, PS is extremely POISONUS and FLAMMABLE! That gives you a nice two ways of dying if you try making meth right there so you can have a real exciting suicide by cooking crank i guess.

Other than methamphetamines both street and pharmacetuical grades PS is used for farming fertilizers just like MANURE is. It also goes into water treatment, glass for sodium lamps, flame retardants, pesticides, steel, bone china, laundry detergents, baking powder, caps for cap guns, sodas we drink, certain electronics, toothpaste and of course BOMBS.

The RP is used to break down iodine into hydroiodic acid that meth cooks use as a reagent to turn ephedrine or pseudoephedrine into methamphetamine. Since the feds know all about that there are laws on the books since 2001 that make it so those who work with WP or RP have a whole bunch of regulations on them to make sure they arent making bulk sales of the stuff to people who then go and make tweek. So that means its real tough to get a supply of this stuff and owning any real amount of it is liable to send you directly to jail do not pass GO.

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