A new Meth recipe? You want ingredients? Yea

Handfull of dumb basterds and silly questions that make me wanna scream. A new recipe for cooking crank too

Date: Feburary 27, 2009 subj: another new receipe Dude, I read on this doctors blog that you can make it with the ammonium nitrate that comes out of those ice packs. FYI He basically says this: (goes on to list steps I cant and wont veryify then ends with this) 6. Hope you don't blow yourself up.


Thanks for sending me this socalled bottle meth recipe. Real swell of ya. Now do me a favor and stare at that number 6 step. Read it a few times. Sorta cansells out the rest of the steps dont it???? A doctor share this? A doctor the way Hunter S Tomson was or what? COME ON!! READ STEP SIX AGAIN PLEASE!! AND A FEW MORE times. Help yet??? I hope so. This is why I stay outa Indiana

Date: March 9, 2009 subj: (no subject) jus wantin to know what you think the measurments of ingredients for tweek are.


Actully I try NOT to think about the measurements for anything but your mom. Ha ha ha just funnin kid I really thikn you need to quit worrying about it ok? You dont wanna make this stuff even if you think you do so READ this WEBSIGHT! Youll figure out what I mean PS dont send me the same freakin email 3 times in a row would ya???

Date: March 10, 2009 subj: (no subject) How do you cold cook meth?


Yet another problem reader. Are you mouse impared or have some kind of clicking condition or you just not actually look at the text that aint in your favrite colors??? You make me want to cuss

Date: March 21, 2009 subj: Yo help me out Yo message me back i need to talk to you about stuff


Then talk about it i dont like being snookerd into answering silly questions i already said i wont answer and im not gonna give you anything. read the site unless you have a story to share its pointless to email me asking me to give you hints or call you or come visit you or whatever cause its not gonna happen. Be clear or get ignored ok??

Date: March 21, 2009 subj: making meth I don't understand you bro. You talk about all the lies on the internet regarding the manufacture of crystal meth but then you only offer a half (bleep) recipe. You tell us nothing about the quantities of chemicals needed or much else for that matter. If someone were to try and follow your recipe they would surely end up blowing themselves up. Why don't you take the guess work out of this and put up a REAL recipe?


You know what? You shouldnt call people bro and then talk crap just a little peice of advice for you. I never said i would give you quantities what I am talking about is the TOXICITY of the ingrediants that go into a simple meth recipes! You will also note that thruout this WHOLE website i repeatedly say NOT TO TRY THESE STUPID RECIPES!!!! or maybe you are only reading what you want to see? or just making things up? I dont know but I do know taking the guesswork out of the recipe is code for give you what you want and if your too lazy to use google or yahoo like i did then i really dont see how you should get ANY help out of me. Cause like you say Id just be helping you blow yourself up now wouldnt i???

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