More dingbats got to Write Me to Ask Silly Questions

Another collection of downright dumb things people feel like they gotta ask me because of whatever reasons.

Date Feburary 4, 2009 subj: Methamphetamine Directions Hello, My name is (not gonna be on this website) and I am writing a news article for one of my classes called advanced media writing and this story I am writing is about linking the making of meth to simple cold medicines such as sudafed. We are required to conduct 3 interviews and I thought I would take a shot in the dark to see if you could answer a few questions for me. I am a 22 year old Senior at (some state college) in Georgia and my professor is quit aware of what I am writing about. So if you have a moment I would greatly appreciate your time, and to let you know your name would not be used in any shape or form, you can remain anonymous to me as well. So here are a few questions: 1. Is sudafed containing psuedophedrine an ingredient to making meth? and if so how important to the process. 2. How easy is it for just the average person to actually make methamphetamine? 3. How addictive is Meth? 4. What are the major ingredients in the making of meth. It would be awesome if you would have the time to answer those and it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time


You know for a 22 year old college kid I would think you know how to work a mouse button dont ya?? Ever one of the questions you ask up there have been answerd usualy MORE than once on this site! You dont want my name but do you want the answers? USE YOUR MOUSE! Im not writing your report for you son and you and your professor can easily look at this website and learn whatever i have to say that you dont already know but for crying out LOUD why would you even send this email??? I gess you cant help them all

Date: February 6, 2009 subj: (no subject) so the way that you have said to make it is not correct?


You emplying that Im a liar??? I dont like that. Im not gonna test the freekin information just so i can answer your questin thank you VERY much! Ive been very clear here on this world wide web site and if you cant read too well that sounds like a problem for a eye specielist NOT me. Good day sir

Date: Feburary 19, 2009 subj: (no subject) hey whats up looking for more recipes that dont require anhydrous can you help me maybe thanks


Lady let me give you the short version NO. I dont play nice to peopel who dont actually READ the site!

Date: Febuary 22, 2009 subj: thanks hi, i was looking at your website and was wondering on the red/white/blue recipe what are the measurements on the thing like ether, red phosperous, etc. thank you for the recipe i want to try it. sorry to bother you.


I was wondering if you wanted to cut me a check for half a millon dollars. No? Well my answer to your question is the same. You seriusly read my WHOLE site and you still want to make meth from a recipe on the internet???? You arent bothering me but it DOES bother me that youd want to even try

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