Probably Don't Want To Hear

You Tweekers Probably Don't Want to Hear This!!

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Okay now this section is for those of you who are tweekers and want to change which I advise you to or someone who knows someone they want to change. Dont put a lot of energy into getting crank addicts to change because nine times out of ten they dont want to and you need to be aware of that. Sad but true fact. Not that you should try not to help them if they are wanting to change but giving them money is a bad way to go so remember that about helping addicts.

Another thing if you are selling this stuff or any kind of drug then you need to know that if a person with a habit wants to change you ought to help them because if they dont get help they are gonna get angry about the habit they dont want and very prone to talking to cops about you too. That means they are a risk to you if you sell which i am not saying you should do so get me wrong. I am saying the only thing worse than an addict is an angry addict and if they want off the stuff help them find a rehab somewhere to get clean and leave them the hell alone.

Now if you have a friend whos using crank then you dont want to go bugging them but knowing about help is good. The easiest way in the world to find help is to go to google and put in "meth rehab" you will get back a whole ton of places that help people. Find a place that works good for you and STICK with it I have seen people really go from complete tweakers to clean and get good jobs it is possible so dont listen to people saying your doomed thats stupid and they are ignorant. In case you wonder why you want to get off the stuff heres what i'll tell you but keep in mind it dont matter to me whatever way you go because i could care less.

Things that happen to tweakers health when theyre using meth:

Meth Mouth! When you use methamphetamines you are bound to see alot of trashing of your body and I have watched people go from attractive girls to downright nasty skanks on this stuff so dont go thinking because your a good girl and you brush your teeth regular it wont affect you cause it will. The science name for meth mouth is xerostomia and you get it for a whole bunch of reasons both psychological and body. Basically to a non science person its dry mouth and that leads to drinking alot of soda mostly because thats cheap. Ever notice poor people who have bad teeth tend to drink alot of soda? That is part of it right there because stuff that is good for you costs more and no tweeker is gonna go spending his money on better health products. Its not from the chemicals in the meth so dont listen when people say that because its more lies that avoid the problem. Smoking cigarettes is common for tweekers when they get bored and drinking soda because their mouth is dry. Those two things and the fact that their spits not there to protect there teeth make meth mouth happen and also heres the big one they are GRINDING THEIR TEETH! Thats wearing off the enamel and on top of all that the fact that after a binge they pass out and sleep for a day or two with their mouths hangin open which is hell on your teeth but due to lack of sleep they cant help it basically. Meth mouth is a nasty nasty deal and a big reason to stay off crank.

Want a VD or STD? Well meth is a real good way to get one because at the start it makes people want pleasure more and their libido gets out of control. Sounds good right? Well after a while you start forgetting to use condoms as if you ever did to start with so guess what? Diseases and or babies soon follow and some times you get the double gift! Plus the fact that you cant actually get off after a while means people get frustrated and then start chafing and getting sores in places you dont even want to know while they are busy trying to get busy if you know what i mean. So you are looking at a major chance to win yourself HIV or AIDS even if you arent using dirty needles to shoot the stuff up. Oh and guys you can get yourself a brand new case of ED which is erectile disfunction and means you cant get it up any more so thats a farely good reason to kick the stuff or just not start at all!

Unborn babies - Here's something sad if you have any kind of feelings in you and that is that meth goes into a mothers body and affects the unborn baby and also goes into the milk once that babys born. So even tho the baby isnt choosing to get high its got a chance for going thru a nasty withdrawl because the mothers not giving a care about it at all. And thats just for the METHAMPHETAMINE its not counting what other crazy garbage it got cut with and thats where awful birth defects come in to play that just rip your guts out to see a baby have. So if you hate your children then i guess you dont care but either way its gonna affect a baby in the womb.

Lastly let me let you know about a few side effects of the crank that you might not know. If you get caught with the stuff the cops are going to act like they found you with a half of a joint or something they are going to get mean quick. They now view tweekers as aggressive anti social types who will steal or rob to support their habit not to mention go crazy when they are feending and assault people! They will make sure you get a nice ride to your local jail and basically be jerks to you the whole way because meth is probably the number one drug they have no sympahty for at this point in time.

Then get ready to lose pretty much anything you own if your making or selling the stuff. As a business person you gotta realise that every profit comes with costs and risks that go with it so you are looking at years behind bars and no jobs or businesses when you get out plus theyre gonna watch you like a hawk the whole time. Got kids? Kiss em good bye folks! A meth lab at home pretty much means theyre gonna give your kids away to the highest bidder and you can forget about getting to be around them. Same with selling crank. If your family donest mean jack to you then you wont care but they will break your family apart and put the sellers or makers of crank in prison and your not gonna be doing to hot after that when you get out because they consider it like trying to make nukes or some crazy stuff like that.

Look the bottom line is meth used to be real profitable back in the day and people did big money but no more is that the case with crank. All your looking at is a good chunk of time in PRISON not jail being looked at worse than a crack dealer. That and the big dogs who run the stuff out there have no problem wacking their competition so if they catch you trying to make or sell the stuff theyre gonna kill you if not just mess you up real bad and let you stumble around out on the streets as a reminder to any one else thinking of trying to cut into their business. You aint the mafia so why try to compete with them? These days meth isnt worth it period!