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Methanol is the simplest alcohol known to man and that is wood alcohol. Not to be confused with ethanol that in some countries and even real losers in the US actually drink this stupid crap to get drunk and or high. You cant drink methanol period. It has no color just like other alcohols but its flammable and poisonous just the same. The stuff actually burns with a flame that is real hard to see so that makes it even more dangerous since you cant very well put out an invisible fire!

Methanol is what we make into formaldehyde which explains why the egyptians used it for embalming people. They use it in plastic, paint, fabrics, antifreeze, rockets and explosives. Of course if you do any drag racing then you know that methanol is used for fuel by supercharged engines. Thats funny because alot of people looking for how to make meth on the internet end up in racing web pages and end up totally confused.

People do actually get methanol confused with methamphetamines if you can believe that crazyness. Methanol has totally differnt affects on the human body and mainly goes for the central nervous system making you confused, dizzy, drowsy and eventually passed right out. It tends to stop you from breathing if you take in enough of it but the other way it can kill you is complete shut down of the organs.

So its got its good and its bad but probably better off to use for racing rather than cooking crank since it burns with no smoke and all the rest of the crap in the process is so damned explosive! Just my take though.
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