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Sodium Hydroxide:

Alright so we just learned that Hyrdochloric acid is an acid DUH well sodium hydroxide is a base which is the opposite of an acid. Sodium hydroxide is really a fancy name for lye a real favorite of serial killers world wide cause it dissolves dead bodies! Its corrosive which means you dont want to go touching it and it comes in flakes, pellets or powder because they use it in all kinds of from soap to fuel and so on.

Theres two kinds or grades of lye and you dont want to get them confused. One kind called food grade lye they use for curing olives, hominy, pretzels, Chinese noodles and another chinese food called a century egg which i wont go into but basically is a old egg that turns green on the inside. The other kind of lye you use for oven cleaner and opening drains. Thats the corrosive kind and i promise you it eats flesh they are even thinking to start using the stuff to dissolve dead bodies instead of cremating them.

You dont want to mix lye with lots of things cause it makes all sorts of dangerous combinations. You dont want to swallow it cause thatll kill you and if it gets in your eye theres a good chance at going blind. When lye mixes with other stuff it gives off heat which makes it dangerous to work with cause that could start an explosion. If you mix it with aluminum such as in foil say then what happens is it makes hydrogen gas which is very very explosive. You mix it with sugar and it makes carbon monoxide another poisonous gas that people use when they run the car in the garage and stay inside it to kill themselves.

Also because humid places can ruin lye you got to keep it in sealed air tight containers because if the humidity gets to it thatll mess it up. Now technically the lye isnt a part of the methamphetamine drug itself its just used in the process of cooking crank but that doesnt make it any less dangerous to work with.

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