What exactly Meth is:

Ok if you came here to this page than you probably need more help that i can give your dumb ass but here goes with what i know but keep in mind i am not a college person and i am not a chemist but at the same time as you can see i am literate.

Methamphetamine has many names such as meth, crystal meth, glass, tweek, P, bee itch, tina, rockets, fireworks, crank, speed, junk, smack, yay, dust, shards, fuel, dope, rocks. Sometimes it is called the shit or the product. The reason for most of the names like crystal or glas are because it should look like little peaces of broken glass bits. Smack and junk and some of the other names are also given to heroin. Basically what you need to know is that people make up these fake names so that when they are talking about it on the phone the police wont understand them. Well that is what paranoid tweekers think but thats really stupid and if the cops are tapping your phone then it doesnt matter what you call it because they are probly video taping you too so they have evidence and either way you are royally screwed!

Of course meth is a chemical stubstince. Scienctist call it a psychostimulant which means that it is stimulating the mind. Messing with your brain is what it is doing you can think of it as stimulating your PSYCHO side because thats pretty much what you are doing when you get cranked up. It makes your body go into fight or flight mode like if you were in serious danger.  The chemical in the brain that it works with is called dopamine which is funny for it to be called if you ask me. Dopamine makes us feel pleasure or ecstasy the feeling not the drug. That is why tweekers do the drug because they feel this big rush of happiness and that makes them keep buying it and doing meth over and over which means that they spend a lot of money on it too.

Keep in mind that meth on the street is almost never real pure so the crank you hear about isnt pure meth it is cut with other things which means that other ingredients get mixed in to the batch of crank. What it is doing to the brain of the addicts in triggering all these chemicals in their brain to flow around like juices and sort of cook their mind if you want to try to imagine it that way. The good feelings that come from meth are six times more than what a human body can make for itself. So that means that when a tweeker feels that rush it is only a rush that comes from tweek and to feel that again he is going to have to tweek more.

Meth from professional laboratorys is not going to happen for a dealer so instead the dealer either makes the crank himself or buys it from some other preson they have decided to trust. Sometimes the dealer and or cook also use meth so they are trying to pay for their own habit by making and selling it themselves. These people are almost never trained chemists so they use recipes for crank that they heard in jail. Great huh?

Here is another thing to know. People who sell you drugs are like any other businessman they want to make money. To get more money from every sale they do they use cheap ingredients and the cheeper the better! I will go into the ingredients list on a differnt page but that is a honest truth. Dope makers and sellers pass out product may only be a flaky version of real meth. When they add all the cheap chemicals they are trying to substitue the stuff that cost more but the problem ends up being that each chemical mixes differntly into the mixture and they all have different effects when mixed together. One accidental wrong move during the cooking process gives you chemical cocktails that not only are not meth but are totally poisonous! Dont worry tho because these people perform tests to make sure its the real deal. Know how they test it? They sell it to idiot meth head and if it doesnt kill him then they figure its safe enough. Cheap method!

Now you know what meth is without me having to type up a bunch of scientist mumbojumbo you wont understand any how. Oh meth also is found in acacia trees which as far as i know is the only natural place it is found in nature because otherwise you are synthesizeing. Synthezing means manmade.

Yes there are certain kinds of pharmacutical meth or pharmacutical drugs that have effects like crank has and they are Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine and Vyvanse.

One last thing and listen to this good because a lot of lies go around about crank being crack or cocain. Crack is a whole differnt drug and not at all meth. You get crack by cooking cocain with a whole bunch of other stuff until you get what they call a rock of crack. For those of you who think that crack is crank it never will be. The highs a whole other thing with crack you cant make crack without cocaine in the first place. To get cocaine you have to have coca plants and those dont grow in the US they are from south america countries. People on crack or crank might act kinda the same but those are completely differnt kinds of dope heads all together so dont be confused. This web site does not cover crack at all just crank meth. Go somewhere else to learn about crack because i dont know about that crap and i dont want to know about it either.